Top 5 Home Remedies for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks occur as a result of overbearing anxiety and can be a horror to live with. Dealing with your anxiety issues can help to eradicate panic attacks. The root cause of panic attacks is typically unknown, but symptoms will include sweating, nausea, palpitations, feelings of dizziness, and a tight chest. Panic attacks can be intense, but there are ways of managing them. Throughout this article, we will outline ways that you can manage anxiety and panic attacks.

Natural Remedies

Natural herbs, leaves, and extracts are all the rage right now and can have a positive impact on your mental state. Mitragyna Speciosa, commercially known as Kratom, is a relative of the coffee family and comes largely in the form of ground leaves. There are many different kratom extracts that you can take by mixing them into a tea or popping them into your protein shake.

Once you start using Kratom, you may experience elevated moods, pain relief, and a boost in productivity.  Together with other daily lifestyle changes, Kratom will help relieve stress and panic attacks.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

You can develop insomnia when you’re facing high levels of stress, which will only make matters worse. To help combat stress and decrease the occurrence of panic attacks, you should regulate your sleeping pattern.

There are plenty of things you can do to normalize your bedtime routine. For example, you should put away your phone or tablet, not eat large meals before going to bed, and you should try going to sleep and waking up at the same time.

Practice Deep Breathing

When you have a panic attack, it’s common to experience short rapid breathing. Therefore, to gain control of your panic attacks quickly, you should practice mindfulness and deep breathing. If you need support with this, there are plenty of guided breathing videos online.

Ditch Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you’re probably aware of the health risks. However, as you reach for a cigarette and take a drag as a response to stress and anxiety, all you’re doing is putting a temporary band-aid on. Over time, your stress levels will build up with the help of nicotine, which may lead to instances of panic attacks.

Be Active

Maintaining a good level of exercise is a great way to keep down your stress levels and decrease your chances of panic attacks. If you’re looking for a fix that works long-term and is healthy for other parts of your body, you can rely on exercise. You will feel the impact of exercise on your anxieties for hours after you finish a workout.

Keeping control of your anxiety is at the heart of managing your panic attacks. You can help fight off the symptoms by using natural remedies such as Kratom. Further, by adjusting to a healthy lifestyle including ditching cigarettes and exercising more, you will find your anxiety levels dropping. The home remedies above are a great starting point for your panic attacks, but please talk to a medical professional if problems persist.

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