Product Packaging: How Does It Affect The Consumer’s Behavior?

effects of product packaging

In many ways, the packaging of a product plays a big role in the decision-making of the consumers. Although consumers do not constantly and consciously think about how the packaging will impact their behavior, psychologically, they will equate great packaging with great product quality.

In reality, product packaging is actually part of a marketing strategy in order for marketers to sell products. Since the packaging of a product delivers the type of quality and reflects its brand’s reputation, packaging becomes a main selling point. Furthermore, product packaging provides an opportunity for the businesses to communicate what their brand wants to tell their consumers. Of course, with the aid of packaging, marketers are able to position their products as a better alternative than its competitors.

The Effects of Packaging

Research has shown that the packaging of products, indeed, increases market sales and share. Moreover, packaging reduces the need to market and promote some more. That being said, packaging, therefore, helps reduce promotional costs. Studies have it that a product’s packaging increases the consumer’s perception about the certain product and so, consumers become more attentive to a certain brand. And through packaging, the product’s unique selling points are conveyed. With that, packaging becomes a way to differentiate products and it serves as guide in the decision-making of the consumers.

factors that affect consumer decisions

The Factors

There are many factors of product packaging that affect consumer behavior. Product packaging characteristics such as the packaging color, packaging quality, packaging design,, etc. are some of these factors that have a great impact or influence in the behavior of the consumers.

  • Packaging Design

Depending on the product, the choices of color and color pattern is a big factor to consider for packaging. For instance, the packaging of children’s toys should be bright, not dull, colored in order to attract children. For luxurious brands, gold and black are often the colors used in packaging whereas white is used for brands that promote something clean.

Moreover, the appropriate graphics should also be placed in the packaging. Choosing the right picture to go along with the rest of the packaging content will be beneficial for attracting consumers.

  • Packaging Content

The content of the packaging is one of the most important aspects as well. Marketers need to make sure that their packaging is able to clearly convey the messages to their respective consumers. Clear dates and list of contents as well as a great printing quality of the brand name should be present. Printing ompanies such as helps in making this possible for the packaging.

  • Packaging Quality

The packaging must not be too tough nor too easy to tear as well. Consumers would prefer a type of packaging that will actually last long even when the products are kept in the shelf for some time. Sturdy and secure packaging will also help in increasing the consumer’s view of the product’s quality.