Five Handy Items for Those Who Love Entertaining in Their Home

Are you the type of person who just loves to host, and is constantly inviting friends and family over? Do you love the fact that your house is known as the “party house” among your friends? Do you take pride in seeing smiles on the faces of your guests?  Do you go out of your way to be sure they are comfortable and having a great time? If so then it may be time to step up your hosting game and invest in a few handy items that will make hosting smoother and a whole lot more impressive.

Here’s a look at five essential items for the homeowner that finds themselves as the constant host.

Serving Tray

As you prepare drinks, appetizers, snacks, desserts, and other tasty items for your guests, there’s a good chance you’ll be shuttling the items from one room to the next. The last thing you want to do is have an unfortunate moment and drop the food and drinks, so a serving tray just makes good sense. You’ll be able to carry a lot more at once, it will be more stable, and you’ll look like quite the experienced host.

While there are all kinds of serving trays to choose from, you may want to check this wood serving tray with handles from Virginia Boys Kitchens. Wood is incredibly strong and durable, and yet looks both elegant and stylish. This style of tray is also perfect for serving a meal in bed.

A Full Set of Cocktail and Wine Glasses

Another essential you’ll need if you plan on claiming the title of the “Ultimate Host” is cocktail and wine glasses. You’ll want full sets of each, and you can even take it one step further and get specific wine glasses for red and white. If you are hosting a particularly fashionable dinner party, these wine glasses can also double as water glasses.

A Decorative Large Water Pitcher/Carafe

Whether you are hosting a formal or informal meal at your home, one table essential is a water pitcher/carafe so that your guests have a constant supply of fresh cold water. Today you can find a variety of styles, many of which are decorative and will make a statement on your table.

An Oversized Cutting Board

While a cutting board is certainly useful in the kitchen for meal preparation, it’s also a great way to showcase food. Cutting boards are the perfect vessel for cheese and cracker platters, meat platters, nuts, dried fruit, and more. You can get really creative with the arrangement, making it the centrepiece of the room.

Scented Candles

A great way to help set the atmosphere of the party is through scented candles. Not only do they act as decor, but they can help to mask any odors coming from the kitchen that may be unpleasant, such as overcooked items.

Now that you’ve got a handy list of essentials, it’s time to stock up before you host your next gathering in your home.

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