The AssayMAP Immunoaffinity Toolkit

The Immunoaffinity Toolkit is a family of AssayMAP cartridge products that enables a comprehensive range of applications using immunoaffinity interactions utilizing an antibody, fragment, fusion or related molecule serving as either a binding ligand or an analytical target.

Cartridges with pre-immobilized affinity ligands (such as protein A) are available for use with a variety of samples from complex sample matrices, including cell culture supernatants, cell lysates and serum, can be used in manual spin-format or an automated probe syringe workflow to purify, quantitate and/or react antigen or antibody targets.

Use the Immunoaffinity Toolkit for:

  • Cell line selection
  • Cell culture process optimization
  • Expressed protein characterization
  • Sandwich antibody pair selection for immunoassay development
  • Preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic studies

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The AssayMAP Cartridge

The heart of AssayMAP technology is the high-throughput micro chromatography cartridge with a 5 µL packed resin bed. These highly versatile cartridges can be operated as parallel ultra-micro spin columns using standard laboratory pipetting equipment and plate centrifuges or highly parallel, precision flow columns using 96-channel probe syringe technology and automated liquid handling.

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