Top 10 Things To Remember To Ensure Online Safety

rules in using the internet

In everything we do, it is always better to be safe than sorry. The same rule applies for our online practices. If we put up home security, online security measures should be pursued as well. Unfortunately, people are becoming more and more complacent with regards to the internet since we tend to use it every single day. Still, there are a couple of things you must remember to make sure you are safe online.

Things To Remember

  • You need to secure your account. Do this by making sure your password is one that is complex but not too personal. Moreover, look into the privacy settings of each of your account and set the security measures provided for by the sites.
  • Be careful about what you post online; especially on social media. Any person can easily track you down on these social platforms. You want to avoid posting personal and sensitive information such as your complete home address, bank account number, financial statements or documents. The same rule should apply for pictures and videos you plan to post online.
  • Do not easily trust strangers you meet online. As much as possible, do not meet up with those you meet online. If it cannot be helped, make sure you have a backup plan in case things go the wrong way. Always be cautious in terms of the meeting arrangements. Make sure you meet in public and if possible, be accompanied by someone you trust.
  • Use virtual private networks to protect your real internet provider address. VPNs keep your data safe from online hackers. In places, such as UAE, where geo-restrictions are common, a VPN would be the best solution. Read our review of the VPN companies in the United Arab Emirates so as to have an idea on what should be considered when choosing VPN providers.

how to use VPN

  • When browsing online, be very careful when it comes to clicking on links. Some links are disguised as legitimate website addresses but are truly phishing sites set forth to obtain data from you. Hence, think before you click.
  • Be up to date with the latest scams and malwares to look out for. Furthermore, be updated with the latest antivirus and firewall software for your devices as well. You should also set up whatever security measures you can so as to increase your online security and safety.
  • Get rid of trackers such as scripts, cookies, etc. by clearing your browsing history and other stored data. Never save your passwords for any account as well.
  • When it comes to downloading applications or installing programs, do make sure your downloads are coming from reliable sources. Otherwise, you might just be introducing viruses and malwares in your devices.

Final Say

Listed above are some of the most basic tips in preserving online security. Although they may seem to general, these tips should be taken seriously as they prevent the most basic online risks we will encounter. That said, each one of us should keep these tips in mind at all times; that way, we are lowering the risk of online hacking, scamming, and other dangers.


Important Ideas In Setting Up Personal Theater At Home


mini home theater creative

One of the many ways to improve the value of your home is by adding your very own home theater which you, your family, and friends may enjoy. The idea of merely setting up a home theater is upfront and simple; however, how to set things up the best way possible is another thing to be concerned about.

This case is almost similar to choosing the right rod for your fishing experience and so, for the best outcome, the home theater setup must be done with careful considerations. A few tips to help your decision may be as follows:

Multi-Purpose Room

Who says your home theater room should only be limited to its name? In order to maximize and utilize this part of the home, you should definitely incorporate the home theater with other fun activities. That said, your home theater room may also serve as your game room wherein your  Xbox, PlayStation set, boards, and puzzles can be found for your designated game night. Weird as it may sound, you may also use this room for studying provided that you would not be using the television set or sound system while you read your books; you can create a mini library out of this place. There’s really no specific way to use the home theater; it all depends on your preference and creative ideas as well.

game room setup

Cinematic Feels

The truth is we all want to experience that feeling we get whenever we sit in the dimly-lit cinema; thankfully, this is not that hard to imitate. Basically, you would be able to give off a cinematic feel if you follow the basic rules of a regular cinema. For instance, the room should definitely be dark when the lights are off (take note of glares coming from other sources of light); some may even go to the extent of repainting the walls to achieve better viewing quality. Furthermore, there should also be quality speakers for the sounds.

Surround Sound System

Speaking of the sounds, a surround sound system is highly encouraged. Without a doubt, the surround sound system will definitely change your experience as it brings in legitimate cinematic aura. Moreover, it may also enhance your experience in playing games such as in Xbox with specialized audio. Look into the different ways of improving sound quality for theater rooms.

A bit of research might be needed for this aspect for instance, you may look into 4 channel amps comparison review to get an overview of what may enhance sound quality for your home theater.

Table and Seat Options

In setting up your home theater, you must not take for granted the seat options. The best way to do this is by placing in more than one options of seats. From bean bags to couches or even regular study chair and table; you can place all of this in your home theater room.

Sound Proof

To complete the experience, you might want to consider going sound-proof. There are actually many ways to do this by yourself if you don’t really want to spend so much on the set-up. A great idea would be using egg cartons insofar as they absorb sounds. Although the use of egg cartons is not really soundproofing and is merely a sound treatment, the most important thing is it works and it definitely increases the quality of your home theater experience.


Bio Systems Staff Fly Fishing Trip

group fishing bio development

I know you were wondering.

A fly rod magically showed up on my doorstep in August. Someone knew I was itching to try fly fishing.

A 9′, 5wt 4pc rod/reel set from Redington. It’s their Crosswater – a perfect rod for beginners I’m told 😉

My friends had a hike planned in RMNP for the next weekend. I wanted to go – but I also wanted to try my hand at this fly fishing thing. I “Googled” the hike and found they would be passing some lakes on their way to the top. SO forget the whole hike, I would go, but stop 1/2 way and make my attempt. They could grab me on their way back down.

I went to my local fly shop  to help me find the best fly rodwhere the guys were super fab and helped me to set up my line and pick out a few flies appropriate for where I was going. They also introduced me to floatant and rented me two fly fishing videos to watch. Word. I had no clue what I was doing!

Fast forward to the day of the hike.

Packed up and ready to go, we headed out and up.

We hiked for over an hour before we reached the lake.

This was my stop.

My friends took a few obligatory ‘first’ pics and headed on their way.Later I would find out that they were making bets on how many fish (or lack thereof) I would catch.

Where’s the love peeps?!

I tried my hand at swinging the line around for about 2 hours. At one point I got it caught in a tree behind me and a man came to my rescue and actually climbed up the tree about 10ft to unhook me. Another time I wasn’t so lucky and just broke it off. I expected this. It comes with the territory of learning how to cast a 9′ rod. With bait fishing I was used to casting with much smaller rods and of course it’s a totally different method to boot.

There were a few other fishermen wet wading along side me that day. No one was catching anything. I took the opportunity to relax, enjoy my beautiful surroundings and practice my casts. I knew my friends would be making their way back down shortly – so I moved on down to the outlet for just a few more casts.

Not to be disappointed.

And yes I have the death grip on that fish.

I need to work on that.

Honestly, I’m not even sure what kind it was. I think it was a cutthroat – but I could be wrong. I was so excited I didn’t look at it close enough.

Success. The End.

Or not really – I doubt this will ever end.

I’m hooked.

Living with Eczema: Tips on How to Manage the Pain and Itch

healing eczema symptoms

Living with eczema is a tough challenge; however, it is a challenge that affected people can effectively manipulate, eventually. In the beginning, trying to manage it and playing with its own fire might not come easy but as you venture, you will definitely figure out how to play the cards in its own game.

Managing the pain, itch and other effects that eczema brings with it is never going to be easy. It will take a lot of patience and endurance and aside from these, you will also need to be equipped with enough knowledge as to what can be done when faced with flare-ups.

Tips and Advices

  • Consult a doctor and take the right medications.

Depending on your approach, you may first consult a doctor before doing any of the other advices or you may try the other tips first and have your doctor’s consultation as a last resort. At some point in time, you will have to see a professional to help you manage your case.

For eczema, doctors may prescribe steroidal creams that may have some side effects. However, there are also eczema creams that have not shown negative after effects. Some of the common effective creams for treating eczema or its symptoms are calendula lotion, healing ointments and fucibet cream which can be bought from pharmacies. Fucibet cream is usually prescribed for older eczema patients; it is also  possible to buy fucibet cream with an online retailer like Independent Pharmacy.

  • Get to know what triggers your eczema.

Whenever your skin gets irritated or you get flare-ups, try to monitor what activity you just did or what food and drinks you have just taken. You may list it down so you can remember what triggers your eczema flare ups. In the future, you will have to avoid these things in order to save yourself from eczema attacks.

  • Wear comfortable clothes.

One of the most common rule for eczema is to wear comfortable clothes as much as possible. This way, your sensitive skin will not be irritated further. Wearing tight clothes or clothes made of synthetic materials or wool will only irritate the skin–and so, try to choose cotton material for your clothing.

  • Manage your stress levels.

Yes, there is a stress-induced eczema. Although stress is not the direct cause of eczema, stress levels still greatly affect eczema flare-ups because of the relationship between the immune system and eczema, itself. And so, it’s best to try out some stress-reduction techniques or relaxation techniques that will help you manage your own stress levels.

how to stop eczema itch

  • Always moisturize skin.

People who are affected with eczema tend to have extremely dry skin. The dry skin then becomes annoyingly itchy especially when flare-ups happen. That being said, it is extremely important to moisturize the skin all the time. Remember to choose moisturizers that are gentle to the skin and non-irritating.

  • Go for non-irritating products.

When choosing products for showering, washing clothes, or even for make-ups; try your best to end up with the most gentle products that are gentle enough for babies. This assures you that your skin will not react to the contents of the product and this way, flare-ups won’t be triggered. And so, never forget to check the label on the packaging of the product whenever you go grocery shopping. 

  • Don’t scratch your skin.

Scratching will only make the flare-ups worse and itchier; instead of scratching, get your cold compress and place it against the affected areas to soothe the pain and itch, take a bath or moisturize your skin. No matter what, do not scratch.

A Quick Overview on Data Acquisition System and Its Specifications

data acquisition systems specifications

When people hear the words “data acquisition”, they often directly think of big data used by data analysts in the business world. However, in the field of science and engineering, data acquisition systems refer to collecting data from the real world to determine its physical conditions.

That said, data such as temperature, current, water level, weather, wind direction are some of what data acquisition systems (DAQ) deal with. To start the intro to DAQ Systems, let us briefly look into how DAQ systems.

DAQ Process

Data acquisition systems convert signals into digital values which a computer can read and interpret. The process starts with placing the data acquisition device in its desired location; this electronic device contains sensors that turn physical parameters into electrical signals. These sensor signals are then processed by a signal-conditioning circuitry which convert the current signals into digital values. Lastly, these conditioned signals are then sent to analog-to-digital converters which does the final conversion into digital values appropriate for the computers to read.

DAQ Specifications

  • Resolution

This refers to the number of measurement values that a data acquisition system can provide.

Most commonly, if not universally, resolution is listed as bits. With the help of input range, the resolution can tell the smallest change detectable in the input.

For applications that require low sample rates but high resolution, 20-bit and 24-bit are commonly used; whereas, for applications requiring high-speed resolution, 8-bit converters are usually preferred.

  • Accuracy

A common misconception is that accuracy and resolution are just one specification; they are actually different from one another. Even though a DAQ system can resolve a signal, it does not necessarily mean that the inputs are accurate. Accuracy is actually one of the most important specification to every data acquisition system.

  • Channels

The number of channels is one of the clearest specification to consider when choosing a data acquisition system. The number of channels will depend according to the number of signals you wish to measure.

Other than the number of channels, it’s also important to determine if the system has both differential and single-ended inputs. In addition, try to determine if there are any hidden analog inputs in that system.

errors in DAQ systems

DAQ Errors

  • Noise

An error that will always be present in every data acquisition system is noise. Usually, the noise is generated from the external system and often from cabling. For every data acquisition system, as well, there is an internal noise. The noise is mostly measured by acquiring a series of samples by shorting the inputs at the device connector.

  • Non linearity

Non linearity refers to the difference between the input or plotted measurement, the ideal measurement and the actual voltage. This error has two components; the differential nonlinearity and the integral non linearity.

  • Input offset

The input offset refers to the constant difference between the measured input and the actual input voltage, assuming all other errors are zero.

  • Grain error

Assuming there are no other errors, gain error refers to the difference in the slope in volts between the ideal system and the actual system. However, in the real world where there are other errors, gain error refers to error in the measurement during the full-scale reading.

The Guide to Choosing the Right Computer Repair Specialist

repairing a computer

Hearing horror stories about computer repair technicians who were scammers have circulated internet forums concerning computer repairs. In many cases, these repair technicians made the customers’ computer conditions even worse. Other situations are filled with stories of overcharging service fees.

Because of these horror stories, people dealing with computer problems end up dealing with the problem by themselves—and in turn, causing even bigger problems. They may have also been forced to go to repair shops in the nearest malls—wherein service fees are also priced high considering many factors. All this because they do not want to risk being scammed or overcharged.

Fortunately, Bidvine offers a list of reliable and trustworthy computer repair specialists or technicians for those of you who have been looking up “computer repair specialists near me” on your search engines.

But before going through the list and picking the most promising one, let us have a look into another important list—that is the list of qualities which a great computer repair specialist must possess.

hiring the best computer repair technician

The Qualities

  1. A reliable computer repair specialist is someone who has had previous experiences in actually fixing a computer. You may want to ask details about their experience as a technician. Furthermore, you may also inquire if they attend seminars or classes in order to learn about the newest hardware and computer systems.
  1. A good computer technician may be able to complete the job in one to three hours. However, it may be best for you to ask them ahead about their estimated completion time just in case your situation is much more complex and will require more hours.
  1. A great repair technician will also be able to provide clear answers for questions you have concerning the problem of your computer. Unreliable technicians may just brush off certain questions you ask or if not, they will give you ambiguous and vague general answers even when you ask for specifics.
  1. Good repair technicians are mostly easy to talk to as well, either on the phone or in person. If they do not give off an approachable and positive vibe, you might have to reconsider them as your option.
  1. A consistent service rate is also an indicator of professionalism when it comes to repair technicians. Sketchy repair specialists may adjust their prices when it comes to even the smallest changes in the situation. For example, even if their original rate was a flat rate, they might change their mind and make it hourly.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a computer repair technician may be tricky especially if they do not come from commercial repair companies. However, reliable ones are actually around the corner—but you will really have to use the quality checklist in order to detect sketchy modus. Moreover, in order to avoid being scammed or overcharged, you must always be wary. The internet is also a good place to look your repair technicians up, those who are not scammers will have definite details such as contact number, address, experience etc. on their website profiles. However, do keep in mind that scammers may also easily do this. Overall, be cautious and do not trust easily; ask as many details as you want if it helps you build trust.